About Mecca...

This is our 19th year of existence and a period
of change for our group.  Our founding Chairperson,
Dinah Ghirardi, retired from our profession in 2006 and we are pleased that Susan
Webster, Executive Director, Northwest CT Public Safety Communication Center,
continues her dedicated work as our Chairperson.  Although we have maintained an active and
productive number of members, we believe it is time to expand and have new
members come in with fresh ideas and opinions.

As you know, our profession has grown in leaps and bounds in just the past few
years. We believe it is time that we, as an association formed to meet the
needs of the Communication Centers in the State, also grow.  Our main purpose is to be a networking tool for
the Directors and Managers of our Centers. We accomplish this by meeting
quarterly as a group and by encouraging representation from DSET and other
state agencies at our meetings. We also organize the annual “Telecommunicator
Conference”, held in April, during “National Telecommunicators Recognition Week”.  An additional purpose of our group is to stay
abreast of training and legislative issues, as well as support organizations (such
as APCO & NENA) as they relate to the operations of Connecticut Communications

If you would like additional information regarding our
organization, please call or email one of our officers listed below. 

Maureen A. Will – RPL
(203) 270-4296


Kevin Webb
Vice Chairman

Gene Jopeck

Steve Savage

(203) 758-0050